How To Create A Vision Board To Change Your Life

I’ve used Vision Boards ALL my life and had incredible success. But in the beginning, I didn’t understand what I was attracting. This all fell into place a few years ago, whilst at a Women’s Retreat on the Gold Coast

The Reasons Why Vision Boards Work

Vision Boards can assist you to set and prioritise your goals, values & intentions. Visualisation is a very powerful exercise that your brain can do. But why is this important I hear you ask? That’s a great question! How many

How To Make A Vision Board That Really Works

Vision Boards are easy, simple and fun to do.  But with a little thought and planning, the Vision Board will emulate your dreams and help you to achieve your goals. A person who would spend some time each day imagining themselves with

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Phoebe’s Testimonial

Hi I've just spent the last five days at the ‘Amasssing’ Ladies retreat with Sandra Bravo where I got to experience Fiona Tellesson's Vision Boards For Success Keynote Address. I've done vision boards in the past, had them on my wall and I've connected with them. But to be honest they're not very successful. I don't seem to achieve the goals that I've set myself in a vision board. With Fiona's simple recipe that she taught us, I finally got it. I finally understood what a vision board was, how to put one together correctly, and how to use it as an inspiration in my life to achieve the dreams that I've set myself it's not about a picture but about the connectedness and Fiona teaches that so simply. You can do a vision board at home, I get that you can ‘Google’ photos you can do all of that but you're missing the key ingredient that Fiona shares with you at her Vision Boards For Success. She comes from the heart she's amazingly funny and she's authentic. So if you want to take your life to the next level I highly recommend attending one of Fiona's Vision Boards For Success workshops, So that you can truly understand the power of this amazing tool you can use in your life to achieve your dreams.

Phoebe Dray
She comes from the heart she's amazingly funny and she's authentic.
Phoebe Dray